owc yearly membership is open to all wrestlers 3rd grade & up. owc yearly membership runs one year from  the day you attend your first practice.   Membership fee includes over 150 practice sessions and access to our new outlaw facility when needed.   Outlaw coaches have high expectations of our wrestlers as we strive to make every wrestler in our room better. 

We live by the motto:

"Nothing is given to anyone...It must be earned" 

If your ready to take that next big jump, ready to beat that kid you've never beat before, ready to to really work to become better and earn your spot at the top of the podium...Join the Outlaw team and we'll make sure you get the results you're after!


off-season membership


March 1st thru OCTOBER 15th

The OWC off-season program starts March 1st! Openings are limited! The program is open to all wrestlers currently in 8th grade through high school. All current Outlaw members will get first option for this years program. Cost is $500 and includes all practice sessions from March 1st - October 15th. The program also includes all sessions over Christmas break. (Roughly 100 sessions) Off-season members will also have access to our new Outlaw facility during the high school season when needed for extra training and making weight. OWC will not only push you to your limits, we will make your limits a thing of the past! Are you ready to put in the work and do you truly have the desire to improve and become better every time you step on the mat? If so, OWC is the perfect fit for you! Spots are limited! Contact us asap for your spot on Team Outlaw!